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Palliative Care

Caring and compassionate Palliative Care

A person receiving Palliative Care will most usually have an active, progressive and far advanced disease with little or no prospect of cure.

At Cooinda, we aim to keep our older people well and active.  Most of all, we know the importance of ensuring our staff are skilled to provide excellent, compassionate and caring evidence based care to an individual experiencing end of life.

Our professional team at Cooinda support the individual’s family by offering them information, support and understanding. Also, in most instances, a person in palliative care can stay in their own room at Cooinda for their end of life care.

Our palliative care philosophy:

  • affirms life and treats dying as a normal process
  • neither hastens or delays death
  • provides relief from pain and other distressing symptoms
  • undertakes a coordinated assessment and management of each person’s needs
  • integrates their physical, psychological, social, emotional and spiritual aspects of care
  • offers support to help people live as actively as possible until death
  • offers support to help the family during the person’s illness and in their own bereavement

All people living at Cooinda will have the opportunity, in consultation with their family and doctor, to complete an Advanced Care Plan. The Advanced Care Plan will help you to identify the things that are important to you and your loved one in their end of life care.   As a result, you make your collective choices clear if or when well being deteriorates.  Read about Advanced Care Planning

When the time comes, we offer to hold a Memorial Service in Cooinda.  Family, friend, staff and residents are invited to remember the people who have passed this way at Cooinda. (Ref. Ian Burkinshaw 2016)

Cooinda’s care staff are educated and experienced in providing end of life care. If you would like further information regarding Palliative Care,  please contact us to make a time to talk with our Registered Nurses.

Reference: Palliative Care Australia


We have a dedicated Community Care Support person on our team who provides counselling to the family of a person who is receiving Palliative Care.  Please read or download The Journey of Grief, a resource that offers support and understanding to people at a difficult time.

The Journey of Grief


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