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Samaria House, community living

Welcome to Samaria House, Cooinda’s community home for people living with dementia.

Samaria House is a secure, community home which can accommodate up to 10 people living with dementia.  It’s open plan community living allows people who reside in Samaria House to undertake their own care with support from Cooinda’s care staff.

The home comprises a renovated independent living unit, which has a fully equipped kitchen and laundry, toilet, dining room and lounge area.  Connected via a fully enclosed passage, are 10 renovated hostel style bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Samaria House allows its residents the freedom to undertake daily chores, as they will have in their own home, with support from Cooinda care staff.  They will be free to cook, clean and undertake their own laundry, if they choose to do so.  The home is fully secure, offering people living with dementia the freedom to walk about as they wish.

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